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Thames Marine & Logistic’s UW in collaboration with Marine Insurance Services (Branch Office in Estonia) objectives are to offer a tailor made service to small to medium sized clients located in the European Union whose activities however are world wide. We understand and appreciate that every client has specific requirements and our mission is to satisfy these requirements in an efficient and competent manner.

We are a company that offers

  • Cargo All Risks: The insurance coverage of the shipments and handling of goods of manufacturers and their clients according to the respective INCOTERMS.
  • Freight Forwarders Liability: The legal liability of the freight forwarder and logistics handler according to the domestic and international conventions for damages to their clients’ goods and errors and omissions which occur during the transport or while in the custody of the freight forwarder or logistics handler.
  • Carriers Liability: The legal liability of the carrier as a bailee for loss of or damage to the goods transported by the haulier according to domestic and international conventions.
  • Ports and Terminal: The legal liability of the port terminal operator for damages to cargo while in their care, custody and control.

Our partners

Claims management

Claims are more than a financial obligation; they are the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our clients, our integrity, and our dedication to excellence.


We understand how important it is for our freight forwarding customers to receive updated and precise indications with regards to their requests in order that they in turn can handle their clients insurance needs punctually and efficiently. This is possible also due to our on line platform which is functional 24/7 and allows issuance of policy and certificate documentation immediately.

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